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Leeza Joneé is a North Carolina-born, New York-bred multifaceted creative. A published writer, illustrator and photographer, she defines herself as renaissancing, having found the ability to connect her many gifts seamlessly. Leeza is also the founder/host of The Breathing Space, a benevolent salon series bridging the gap between personal and community responsibility. She’s had the honor of speaking with classrooms through her philanthropy as well as been commissioned for her words, visual arts and creative direction. Through her work with The Breathing Space, she has been featured on MadameNoire and Sad Girls Club, credited as a writer for her piece “Creating Space For Conversations That Matter”. Leeza identifies greatly as a writer, as she has found that her deepest passion lies within words; how they are used, expressed and how they evoke feeling. She has been commissioned to write pieces for music mixes by Soulection, musicians and art collectors. She received her first writing publication with The Press Mag’s inaugural issue in 2018 for her poetic piece “Black Woman, Sing”. Leeza has recently completed her first book, a collection of poetry and prose, to be released later this year.

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